Pumpkin Patch

Water, lots of water and dedication.

Pumpkins are relatively easy to grow however once the fruit appear they need a fair amount of attention.

They propagate easily from seed; I sowed 5 pumpkin seeds in April this year. It was late as I felt it was too cold to sow them any earlier. I used normal potting compost and left them in the greenhouse until they established into little pumpkin plants!

Prior to planting, I dug a hole three times the size of the plant in the vegetable patch and filled that with fresh compost from the bin and then refilled the hole after.

The plants were ready for planting in June so I reopened the hole I had dug previously and planted the pumpkins. I placed a bit more compost in some of the holes as the pumpkins will need it.

After that I fed them once a week with Tomatorite and watered them when it was especially dry.

Once the fruit appeared I watered the plants for longer each time, but didn’t over water and drown them. The plants need this extra water for energy to produce larger fruit and to keep the fruit from rotting off.

I placed straw underneath the fruits when they became too heavy for the plant to support them; this lifted them off the ground and prevented the fruits from rotting.

I also rotated the pumpkins once every few days; this ensured that the pumpkin ripened evenly, that the skin was smooth and it wasn’t rotting underneath.

I harvested my pumpkins in late October, this was perfect timing for halloween. There were 4 pumpkins in total; I gave 2 away and made the last 2 into pumpkin soup!

I also grew pumpkins at a clients, we grew 2 together; they were also fantastic.

Published by eleanorowensgardening

Young gardener based in West Sussex.

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