Top 5 spring bulbs!

It’s almost planting time for spring bulbs! I always get asked by clients to plant numerous different types of daffodils, alliums, hyacinths and tulips.

The flowers will bloom energetically throughout spring, making your garden look wonderful. The bulbs can be planted straight into the ground or into containers. Using containers will prevent the bulbs from naturally spreading and they will have to be divided manually in autumn to encourage flowering each year.

Top 5 varieties that you wouldn’t normally choose but look fantastic:

  1. Tulip – ‘La Belle Epoque’
  2. Tulip – ‘Green Star’
  3. Daffodil – ‘Minnow’ (it’s scented!)
  4. Allium – ‘Unifolium’
  5. Allium – ‘Oreophilum’


If planting into the ground, loosen the soil to the correct depth, add bulb fertiliser and place the bulb. Cover the bulb with soil and mulch with a layer of compost. If your soil is clay-like, add some horticultural grit beneath the bulb (for it to sit on!). This will prevent rot and it will break up the soil, allowing the bulb to spread its roots.

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Young gardener based in West Sussex.

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