Top 5 mulches for autumn

Mulching in autumn is essential for the garden.

It provides more nutrients for the soil and allows the soil to retain more moisture (or drains better if you have clay! This will help the plants thrive next year.

Furthermore, it makes your garden look aesthetically more pleasing and it will suppress any weeds that may appear!

My favourite mulches to use are:

  1. Old wood chips
  2. Finely chopped leaves (leaf mould)
  3. Compost
  4. Manure (around roses)
  5. Grass clippings


Some of these mulches can be made at home easily; I promote the use of these mulches as it is cheaper and better for the garden (and your bank account!). Mowing the lawn all summer will generate a lot of grass clippings. Designate a discrete area in the garden to store these and it will be invaluable throughout the next autumn/spring. They can be added to the compost heap as well! Throughout autumn, rake up the leaves that fall and run the mower over the pile. Leaves rot faster when they are smaller. Put these with the compost or own area also; let it rot down for a year.

Manure is the best mulch for roses. It will help prevent black spot and it will encourage large growth/flowering the next year.

Mulches don’t have to be organic, there’s a wide range of plastic or rubber mulch that will suppress weeds better than organic mulches but they don’t increase the health of the soil and can become expensive.

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Young gardener based in West Sussex.

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