Top 5 ways to mulch efficiently!

I recently wrote a blog to help you choose the perfect mulch, but how do you apply it efficiently?!

Every time I mulch I go through these 5 steps:

1. Weed and tidy the flowerbed (chop back any herbaceous perennials/ prune roses)

2. Plant any new plants you may have bought

3. Titivate the earth (dig it over with a fork) and rake it to a fine tilth

4. Apply 2 inches/ 5cm of mulch (starting at the back of the flowerbed, work forward)

5. Ensure the mulch doesn’t touch base of the plants (this will rot them!)

Mulch does suppress weeds, however stronger perennial weeds will survive and come back quickly unless you dig them out.

Published by eleanorowensgardening

Young gardener based in West Sussex.

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