GROW: Tulipa

Tulips make perfect cutting flowers; filling vases in spring with your favourite blooms. More people will appreciate them as they will be on show in your home; leaving some in the garden will draw people’s attention. They are fresher and last longer than supermarket flowers; growing your own or buying local flowers is very important, 95% of flowers sold in Britain are imported. This should be discouraged.

I have chosen four different types:

  1. Finola
  2. Pink Impression
  3. Calgary
  4. Menton Exotic


A cutting flower patch is invaluable in a garden. The bright flowers attract wildlife and bring interest to flower borders. The vivid colours will pop against the greens that appear in spring.

Purchase your bulbs in late autumn; tulips should be planted after bonfire night (first frosts) to prevent tulip fire.

When planting, place horticultural grit in the bottom of the trench/container, surrounding the bulb itself; this will help prevent the bulbs from rotting and give the blooms a chance at reappearing next year.


[not own pictures].

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Young gardener based in West Sussex.

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