GROW: Alliums

The spring queens of the garden. Unquestionably majestic.

Alliums bring height that bulbs don’t usually provide. They pop out of borders and look incredible against dark evergreen backgrounds.

It’s really important to grow your own flowers, especially if you love cut flowers in the home. 95% of flowers sold in Britain are imported; this is absurd. We should support locally grown flowers such as Crosslands Nursery who grow alstroemerias in Sussex or we should grow our own.

What I’ve planted this year:

  1. Allium Caeruleum
  2. Allium Purple Sensation
  3. Allium Aflatunense
  4. Allium Sphaerocephalon


I decided upon these four varieties as they vary in colour and size; they will look great in a vase or covered in bees! I have chosen to plant these bulbs in a cutting flower patch this year. The soil quality is so much better in there compared to the flower borders as there is a copious amount of clay in the garden.

The improved quality of soil will allow better drainage. Along with horticultural grit, that I have placed underneath each bulb, this will hopefully prevent the bulbs from rotting so that they will reappear again next year!


[not own images].

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Young gardener based in West Sussex.

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