Sowing seeds

Everyone should start sowing seeds.

It’s relaxing, encouraging and is accessible for anyone to do.

Begin with seed sowing compost. This is a special mixture containing the correct level of nutrients for the seed to grow well. It is available at any garden centre, the internet and sometimes supermarkets.

Select a large module tray or 9cm pots to plant into. Remember that this has to sit on a windowsill or bench in a greenhouse so choose an appropriate size. Purchase a tray without drainage holes to sit underneath the pots to prevent water from staining the windowsill. These are also available at garden centres and on the internet.

Choose your seeds!

Tomatoes are a great seed to begin with. The plant itself provides a long bountiful crop, that’s great if you are restricted by space. There are so many varieties that produce a range of different shaped, sized, coloured tomatoes! Experiment and find your favourites.

Cosmos are bright flowers, they grow vertically and look fantastic all summer. They can be cut and placed in a vase.

Sweet peas are a classic but you do need more space as they like to grow up a trellis. They also need to be harvested as they flower perpetually, needing a lot of attention. However, they smell fantastic and look lovely in a vase.


Runner beans also need a lot of space, they grow up a trellis too. They produce a large crop for the duration of summer and are great value for space!

Varieties I like:

Tomato ‘Red Grape Sugar Plum’

Tomato ‘Super Marmande’

Cosmos ‘Sensation Mixed’

Cosmos ‘Cupcakes White’

Sweet pea ‘Sweet Dreams’

Sweet pea ‘Harlequin’

Runner bean ‘Firestorm’

Runner bean ‘Polestar’

There is a large selection available to buy at garden centres and online. The best deals can be found in late autumn. This is when seeds will be cheaper but you may be left with less desired varieties.

Follow the instructions on the individual seed packets to plant them correctly. Each is different.

Pot the seedlings on to bigger pots and then plant them outside in the garden in April. Tomatoes/sweet peas can be planted into pots and grown against a sunny wall, they will need support as they grow. Cosmos can also be planted into pots.




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