Spring clean

Before the garden starts to grow again, I use this dormant period to tidy the garden. The jobs listed can be done over a weekend. They aren’t time consuming and will improve the look of your garden straight away!

  • Dead leaves that fell over christmas should be swept up off the patio. This will prevent areas from looking messy and will help counteract the war against slugs! Shred the leaves and add them to the compost heap.
  • Leaves should also be raked off the lawn to allow sunlight to keep the lawn looking healthy and green!
  • Remove weeds, dead foliage and leaves from containers. Mulch the pots with compost or manure. Plants grown in containers may need their soil replaced entirely as nutrients can be washed out/used quicker than if planted in the ground.
  • Any herbaceous plants that died off last year should be cut down to the ground now to allow the new growth to appear without constraint in spring. This will make it easier to see the fresh green shoots when they appear and prevent slugs/snails from hiding beneath the old foliage. It will also make borders look smarter and neater.
  • Remove any old fruit from borders/lawn e.g. figs, apples or pears. Most should have rotted down. These can be added to the compost heap.
  • Prune out dead/diseased/damaged branches from certain trees and shrubs. Winter can be harsh and many could have snapped due to adverse weather. It is important to keep plants healthy and happy!
  • When the lawn has dried out, edge around borders using a half-moon spade. This will make the beds look neat. I like this look because it makes the beds easier to weed and manage.
  • Once the earth has warmed up (march/april) you can mulch the garden using manure, compost or rotted bark chippings. This will make the garden look fantastic. The new fresh greenery from the herbaceous plants will shine against the black soil. It will also replenish any nutrients that were washed away throughout winter.


Published by eleanorowensgardening

Young gardener based in West Sussex.

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