GROW: Edamame Beans

Edamame beans are currently a ‘superfood’; they are rich in protein, minerals and vitamins. You can purchase them in supermarkets however they are quite expensive. They are also packaged in two layers of plastic; this puts me off buying them when I know I could grow my own.

I purchased the seeds from Sarah Raven; these are the best price and quality I could find. The beans are a variety called ‘Elena’; these are adjusted to growing in a British climate.

I will sow 10 seeds into 9cm pots with a mix of seed compost and perlite (50:50 ratio). I will continue to do this every week for 5 weeks successional sowing from April to May.

You can sow the seeds outdoors once the soil has warmed up from June -July.

Plant in full sun, in well drained soil. Can tolerate light-ish shade.

As they grow tall, I will use a bamboo cane and tie the plant stem to it, loosely with twine. This will support the plant to prevent any damage.

Edamame will flower/fruit from June-November. Harvest the whole plant once the bean pods grow to 5cm in length and become plump.

If you are restricted by space you can grow edamame in large flowerpots that have good drainage; use a mixture of compost and gravel. Place these on a sunny patio.

I will take photos whilst growing these this year and will post the result in June-November when I will (hopefully) harvest the plants! I am excited to grow these as they taste delicious!

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Young gardener based in West Sussex.

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