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Christmas wreath

Handmade moss and wire frame wreath made using locally sourced materials. Each wreath is unique and made in my workshop. Combination of conifer, eucalyptus, bottlebrush, holly, ivy, pittosporum, berries, orange slices, lotus heads etc. All foliage harvested myself from local privately owned woodland.


Small log deer

Smaller log reindeer. 15cm in height (including antlers). Made from a hazel log from wood I’ve cut myself in local privately owned woodland. Hazel legs and antlers joined to the deer using wood glue. Great inside as a little Christmas decoration.


Log deer

Wooden reindeer made from an ash log with hazel legs and antlers. All locally sourced wood harvested myself from local privately owned woodland. Joined using wood glue. Antlers support weight of baubles (not provided). Enjoy inside or out! Makes for a lovely Christmas decoration. 30cm in height (including antlers).


Hand carved wooden deer head

Axed out from a log cut from a tree I felled myself in local privately owned woodland. These deer are 30-40cm in height (with antlers) and 10cm in width. Make for a fabulous decoration at Christmas, looks great inside or out. Antlers are study enough to support small baubles or thin LED wire battery powered lights (both not provided).


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