DIVERSITY: #gnarlygardens

Gardens should be ugly beautiful; filled with life and movement. They should thrive off their imperfections and enhance the lives of birds, bugs, bees and yourself. When beginning my studies, I thought that gardens had to be pristine, that there shouldn’t be a weed in sight and that this was the ‘ideal’; any less thanContinue reading “DIVERSITY: #gnarlygardens”


The second year of Eleanor Owens Gardening is complete. It’s been fantastic working with clients in their gardens (especially when it’s sunny)! It’s exciting helping each garden evolve year by year as all are vastly different. I am enjoying taking on bigger tasks and learning more difficult techniques. Smashed college. Gained a Distinction* diploma inContinue reading “#2”

Diversity in horticulture: TV

“51% of 14-24 year olds watch a range of gardening programmes” “40% of 14-24 year olds watch Gardener’s World” Gardening is portrayed in the media as white, middle class, male dominated and ageist. If this form of media is critical for growth in horticulture then why are they enforcing the dull, traditional gardening stereotypes? TelevisionContinue reading “Diversity in horticulture: TV”